I believe that education - good education - is built on an ongoing, passionate, involving conversation. It's a conversation that includes our children, educators, and all of us - parents, families, friends, community members who recognize that we all have a stake in the outcomes of education.

I offer presentations for retired adults (Great Trials That Changed The Course of History) and presentations/workshops for teachers and parents, I can help you explore how we make changes so that we can find the common threads to build a more peaceful, healthy future.

Much as I'd thought that there couldn't be anything easier than retirement I was wrong; it's been a difficult, stressful, confusing time that's often left me feeling groundless. It's also been a wonderful time of freedom and exploration.

In January 2012 I published the book FOR THE FIRST TIME: ONE WOMAN'S JOURNEY FROM CAREER TO RETIREMENT – A Blogoir and Guide for Your Own Personal Adventure. I also lead workshops to help with the transition to this wonderful part of living.